Keyword Research

Whether you are building a website in Czech or want to create a long-term content strategy, we will deliver keyword topics and select the most efficient ones for your business.

Technical Audit

The technical audit typically involves local factors, landing pages, mobile-friendliness, indexability and other important SEO factors for both search engines.


Do Google/Seznam know which country version of your website to display for individual queries? In order to be sure, we check basic geo-targeting factors and fix them.

Content Strategy in Czech Language

As native speakers of Czech and Slovak languages, we are able to collect data on what local users look for or ask about and suggest a content strategy that will give answers to their questions.

Market Research

We use local tools and real user interviews to perform thorough market research for the sake of creating an SEO strategy, buyer personas or social media communication.

Link Building & Relationship Building

Link building is no longer about spamming discussion boards or creating bulk registrations. We only use white-hat link building techniques that are based on building relationships and trying to engage locally.

Web Analytics

Everything we do, we want to measure. No matter if it’s the impact of the initial SEO audit, the subsequent content creation or link building activities. We use Google Tag Manager and Universal Analytics.

Online Public Relations

PR has shifted significantly to the online world even in the Czech Republic. We are in touch with local media and know local journalists and influencers. We’ll get you the brand awareness you need.

Online Reputation Management

Is one of your competitors ruining your local reputation online? Defend against negative PR by building a strong media presence. We’ll get your message to top online channels and give you the chance to fight back.

Who Are We?

We are a group of freelancers: SEO consultants, geo-targeting experts, website analytics and GTP experts, copywriters and translators. We are not an agency, but also have a project manager on board who is able to handle large assignments. As native speakers of Czech and Slovak languages, we are fully aware of local specifics and know about all peculiarities of the Czech and Slovak markets. We provide our SEO services in the heart of Europe – in Prague.

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Czech SEO Q&A

You can hire a freelancer or an agency. An agency usually gives you a full service including web development, copywriting, translation, graphic design etc. Freelance SEO consultants usually do SEO entirely, but often work with other freelancers on a project basis. As for SEO expertise, a freelancer is a better option. On the other hand, if you have a complex project and no one to manage it, you should go with an agency that is used to work on larger assignments.

Let’s face reality: Most Czech SEO’s are still using black-hat or gray-hat techniques which certainly works in a short-term. However, you never know when Google starts smashing out crappy link networks in Central and Eastern Europe, so I recommend focusing on white-hat techniques entirely. It’s a definite choice for a long-term.

The cheaper ones (approx. up to 500 USD monthly) usually go with links purchasing and bulk registrations. There are some data-driven marketers who use advanced link building and research techniques, they usually charge 1,000 USD monthly upwards. Additionally, there are strategic SEO’s and content marketers plus influencers who may charge 2,000 USD and more. Full-service media houses charge 10,000 USD upwards.

The answer depends on the scope of your business. If you want to use local SEO, you should not miss, the largest business directory with more than 601k listings. With that, a mapping service is closely connected, allowing businesses to reach local audiences with precise geotargeting. Around 25% of searches are made on the second largest search engine Seznam. Seznam has different preferences to Google. It still favors websites that have a larger amount of backlinks. The latest algorithm update favored websites that used long-tail keywords and those with a better structure. As for social networks, Facebook holds the majority of users. LinkedIn is of a rising importance in the commercial world. Pinterest and Instagram are on the rise among the younger generation. Twitter is still not very popular, but is likely to rise when Twitter Ads are introduced in the Czech Republic. Czech Republic is a land of hobbyists that gather mostly on local social networks and discussion forums, so you should not underestimate these when approaching specific niches.

Slovakia is a smaller market than the Czech Republic. There are many similarities, but also a few important differences. One of it is the language: Slovak. Although both languages are very similar, Slovaks use to search for websites and sources and they typically get results in Slovak, unless there are more trusted sources in Czech. Unlike Czech Republic, in Slovakia they do not use Seznam as a second search engine; is the predominant search engine there, so SEO in Slovakia is also slightly different.

Yes, you can achieve the most precise geo-targeting by using a CZ domain (Czech TLD). Also, registering for local business directories like is worth it.

Good question. The answer is, it depends. Some businesses like Uber, Yelp or Airbnb started out with language targeting, but they are slowly shifting towards a more localized approach. In retail, a separate and adapted strategy is definitely needed, though.


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